What is Guest Blogging? Why it’s Important for your Business?

Guest blogging is one of the best inbound marketing strategies. If you have a blog then you must invite a guest blogger so that your readers may get a different viewpoint. Guest blogging also allows your readers to take you more seriously. So, let’s discuss everything about guest blogging and all its benefits.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is also known as “guest posting,” where you write an article for a blog that you do not own. Guest blogging gives benefits to both the guest blogger and the host of the blog. This makes an excellent opportunity for everyone involved because both parties can interact with a new audience and they get to make a new set of new diverse readers. It also increases traffic from all the new readers.

Nowadays, many established businesses and online startups, hire more guest bloggers than traditional marketers for their business word to spread around the web. Guest bloggers generally write for blogs that are similar within the industry they are in, so that they can:

  • Gain new traffic to their own website
  • Increase their domain authority via external links to high-authority domains
  • Boost their brand awareness and credibility
  • Make new relationships with their peers in their respective industries.
  • Create new high content quality to boost their following.

If you are a new startup business and do not know the importance of guest blogging then we are going to discuss why guest blogging is significant for your business.

Why is Guest Blogging Important for Your Business? and Benefits of guest posting in SEO.

Guest blogging gives you many benefits for any business available. If you share your knowledge with other successful companies’ websites then you can make yourself an authority figure in your respective industry. You can also make relationships with other leaders within your industry and you can spread your business to new and diverse audiences. 

Furthermore, if you feature guest posts on your own blog then your audience will get a fresh perspective and new content to read. Every now and then we fall victim to routine and that makes our content a little boring. If we feature new guest bloggers then we can keep our audience engaged with a new writer and our own content will also seem fresh to our audience. Guest blogging also gives rise to promotion because guest bloggers will share their blogs on your blog and their personal network, and as a result, both parties will benefit from the collaboration. 

Now let’s talk about the benefits of guest posting in Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

  1. Immediate contact with targeted traffic.
  2. Increase in the personal network.
  3. Stimulating social media shares.
  4. Boosting your social media following.
  5. Improving online authority.
  6. Strengthening your backlink profile.
  7. Increase your brand awareness.
  8. Produce qualified leads.
  9. Reducing sales cycles.
  10. Feedback from the community and the new audience.
  11. Increase in search engine results.

How do I get started with Guest Blogging?

If you want to get started with guest blogging then you need to ensure that that you are clear about what you will get from guest blogging. You need to look for industry blogs by companies that aren’t your business competitor so that you can give your readers real insight into the business.

You can start guest blogging with your partners. However, you need to do a lot of research for successful guest blogging. Also, you need to ensure that you are not posting to blogs that send spam to people or you are not making any spam content to your own blog.

You need to concentrate on finding bloggers in your own field, within your market, and from a valued business or background. Also, you need to agree with what they are saying and make sure that the message they are giving is aligning with your own personal interests. If the message or the content does not align with your blog, business, or your brand then guest blogging can have a significant backlash to your company.

How to approach a guest post?

The things you should look out for before you offer to guest blog or vice-versa:

  • You need to make sure that the blog or blogger that you will be guest blogging for has followers who share blogs within their own network, and actively engage in the comment section or in any other way.
  • You need to make sure that the blog or blogger has social media accounts where they share their blog posts regularly.
  • You need to make sure that they have high domain authority so that you can increase your own SEO ranking.
  • You also need to ensure that their expertise and industry complement your industry and expertise.
  • You need to make sure that the blog or blogger does not have any controversial content on their blog. Although some audience members may like the controversial content, it is better to be on the safe side.
  • You also need to ensure that the blog or blogger has enough high content quality before you consider guest blogging for them.

When you want to search for blogs to write on, you can search by the respective industry keyword and guest post, or write for us or something like that. For example, let’s say you wanted to write for beauty products, then you could search for:

  • Beauty products guest blog
  • Beauty products guest post
  • Beauty products guest blogging guidelines
  • Beauty products guest post guidelines
  • Beauty products write for us
  • Beauty products guest post submissions

… and so on. In this way, you can find your respective industry that is interested in the same field you are in. This will also help you find blogs or bloggers who are accepting guest post submissions.


Guest blogging or guest posting is an amazing opportunity for everyone. If you are struggling to find a new audience or your content is getting a bit stagnated then you should definitely look for guest blogging. It creates an opportunity for everyone to share their experience with each other and gain new audience. However, be careful in choosing the blog because negative impacts are devastating if you chose the wrong partner.